When we opened for business in 1996, we knew firsthand how to make truly European-style meats. The spices to use, how to properly roast, smoke and age meats as well as how to create the perfect flavour—one that is not too mild or too spicy. But we wanted to do more than prepare delicious meats. After all, other butchers offered traditional products, but no one provided great tasting, healthier choices. Until we did.

We make simply savoury deli foods using healthy, lean white meat. All the favourites—cold cuts, sausage, wieners, pate and liver—made delicious and better for you. Plus, we use fresh pepper, garlic, onion and traditional spices in place of salt and specialize in cholesterol, gluten and nitrite free products.

As demand for our products increased, we built a large facility where we could manufacture enough product to supply the growing market for healthier deli meats.

Now customers province wide are experiencing the fresh and delicious difference that only Uniqpol offers at their local deli counter.

From the beginning, we wanted to be known as the European butcher who could deliver on taste and healthier choices. Our customers will tell you we succeeded.


Healthy Choice of Tasty Perfection

Drive by Uniqpol Chicken Products at their 21 Middleton Street location in Brantford on any day around noon and you will soon start to figure out what so many people have known for years: they have the best meat products in the City.