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When we opened for business in 1996, we knew firsthand how to make truly European-style meats. The spices to use, how to properly roast, smoke and age meats as well as how to create the perfect flavour—one that is not
traditional products, but no one provided great tasting, healthier choices. Until we did.

We make simply savoury deli foods using healthy, lean white meat. All the favourites—cold cuts, sausage, wie-
ners, pate and liver—made delicious and better for you. Plus, we use fresh pepper, garlic, onion and traditional
spices in place of salt and specialize in cholesterol, gluten and nitrite free products.

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The Uniqpol Story

Through working different jobs and gaining horizon-broadening experience, Richard realizes one thing: Canada hasn’t tried truly delicious European-style white meats. Pork deli products reign supreme but no one knows how to manufacture chicken delicatessen and for the factories, the whole production process is more time and energy-consuming than with pork. The young man with a knack for business, remembers how popular the chicken is in Poland - the white meat is healthier, leaner and contains less fat. Richard decides to introduce broadly the chicken deli to Canadian tables and contribute to a healthy, balanced diet for all.


With another Polish friend, for two years, they try and test different recipes in the house. They work together developing recipes, mixing spices, and creating unique Polish traditional flavours.

After two years of culinary exploration, Richard creates a list of 10 Chicken deli products novel to the palate of the Canadians. He then convinces his wife Jeanette who is finishing her studies at McMaster, to create together a unique deli and meat factory that will manufacture the most flavorful chicken products imaginable. Jeanette agrees to the idea and Unipol is created.

Through their hard work, commitment and culinary expertise, Uniqpol wins hearts of Ontarians right away. Just after five years after the opening, Richard and Jeanette buy the land and build their meat-processing plant. Moving to their property gives them more space for the development of new recipes, and the assortment expansion. Soon after move-in, they start manufacturing Turkey products and - to stay on top of the competition and cater to the customer needs - they introduce original pork delicatessen. 

2001 is also the year when the Uniqpol brand store opens.

The plant expands, there is more production and office space. Using the highest quality spices, best roasting, smoking, and aging techniques, Uniqpol steadily grows the number of products widening their distribution outside Brantford. More stores and more clients recognize the Uniqpol brand.

Unipol continues to bring the highest and healthiest meats on the Canadian tables and creates an unparalleled Nitrate-free, Gluten-Free, No-MSG and Lower Sodium lines for Turkeys and Chicken, putting forward and sustaining the trend of conscious eating.

Throughout the years, Richard and Jeanette modernize and develop their recipes to reach the perfect tenderness and ideal taste of the products. Their efforts are broadly recognized and Uniqpol is awarded a platinum award at the Ontario Finest Meat Competition.

Uniqpol implements a rebranding strategy to reflect the plant’s spirit of innovation and health-oriented agenda. The company decides to completely redesign the logo and the corporate identity alongside the website and gadgets. The clean and sharp look embodies the progress that has happened through 23 years.


Because of the company’s great success, Richard and Jeanette are planning to build a new plant to create the highest quality standards possible and adhere to the federal norms. As a facility, it’s predicted to be four times bigger than the facility building on Middleton Street.