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All of our award winning, savoury, deli foods are made with lean chicken or turkey that is incredibly tender and flavourful. Due to the quality of our protein selection, our meats are a healthier alternative to the traditional deli meats while still delivering that delicious taste we all love. We provide an exceptionally flavourful alternative to Pork sausages with our lean Chicken BBQ sausage using a combination of white and dark meat. Like a traditional Pork headcheese, we produce Chicken in Jelly that tastes like headcheese, but is incredibly lean with chunks of pure chicken meat. We also offer a large variety of Chicken and Turkey cold cuts, also available in nitrate and gluten free options, that are spiced and roasted to perfection. Along with, we prepare a delectable selection of choice cuts, livers and specialties without harmful cholesterol, fat or excessive sodium.

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