Bacon makes an integral part of a Canadian lifestyle. It is the number one ingredient that goes perfect with fried eggs, breakfast buns, burgers or salads, and… the list could easily go on. Having this in mind, we mastered the smoking, cooking and roasting techniques to achieve only the finest, juiciest and pan-sizzling kinds of bacon. Aside from traditional smoked and roasted products, we also offer mouth-watering bacon cold cuts that are ready to put on a sandwich like Roasted Bacon with Garlic or Bacon Roll with Jalapeño Peppers. Discover our finest selection below.

  1. Hungarian bacon

    Double Roasted with care and time is one of our most flavorful and juiciest bacon products. It is a ready-to-eat delicacy you can slice for your sandwich, snack on its own or use to bring your scrambled eggs to the next level.

  2. Rolled Bacon with Garlic

    This delicious product has a slightly lighter taste than it's smoked alternative, but the fresh garlic used in this product creates a rich, distinct taste; perfect in every recipe. Over the years, a lot of people told us this product is so good, it should be savored alone.

  3. Smoked and Cooked bacon

    This smokey bacon is a best-selling product all over Southern Ontario. Perfect for breakfast bacon!

  4. Pressed bacon

    Pressed Bacon is one of our cold cuts for which customers happily come when grocery shopping. We use a special press to achieve the right texture and shape so that you can easily slice it for snacks, sandwiches, wraps and many more.

  5. Rolled Bacon with Jalapeño Peppers

    We roll fresh pork belly with fresh Jalapeños and then roast it in the oven. The result is amazing. Try for yourself, your tastebuds will thank you.

  6. Roasted Bacon

    If you like bacon and garlic, this combination is for you! Perfectly matched Pork Belly and fresh garlic are roasted together in the oven and spiced up to perfection.