Cold Cuts

For young and old, curious and cautious, cold cuts present a wide variety of options. Whether it’s well-spiced bologna, cooked turkey loin or ham sausage, each product has something unique to offer. Choose something that resonates with you the most and doesn’t hesitate to try something new and broaden your horizons of the deli world.

  1. Turkey Bacon

    Great alternative to Pork Bacon with leaner meat and less fat. Fry it on the pan with eggs, add it on a soft bun sandwich or use it as a roast vegetable delicious wrap. Because it's great to start a day with a Breakfast of Champions, have an energizing lunch or comforting dinner.

  2. Turkey Bologna

    All of the taste you love but with less fat and calories than traditional bologna meat. Turkey bologna is the leanest choice you can make, with all the flavour, yes!

  3. Chicken Meatloaf

    MeatLOVE speaks more than a thousand words. Delicate chicken meat and the best selection of spices blended together in this rich in texture roasted loaf.

  4. Pork Meatloaf

    Just like the Chicken Meatloaf, it's made with the same recipe perfected over the years and admired by our clientele from near and far. Pork Meat adds a different flavor to the roast and goes perfect with a dill-pickle or light gravy.

  5. European Style Chicken Ham

    If you haven't tried this cold cut yet, now is your chance! Delicate and lean made with a traditional recipe from Europe is a true delight. Large pieces of white and dark chicken meat produce a really tasty and tender cold cut you’ll be sure to love.

  6. Chicken Ham Sausage

    This tender cold cut is a big hit with kids and is great on sandwiches. With all lean meat, moist and tender texture and delicious flavour, what’s not to love?

  7. Chicken Garlic Sausage

    With a light garlicky touch, this Sausage is made with the same lean meat as the Chicken Sausage but has an additional kick for those who like their snacks spiced up.

  8. Cooked Chicken Loin

    The same product as our Cooked Chicken Breast but we’ve shaped it into a longer form, tastes great!

  9. Cooked Turkey Debicka Loin

    Premium Turkey cold cut made with 100% turkey meat. It's lean and healthy perfect for kids or people with diet restrictions or those who like eating lightly.

  10. Chicken Bologna

    All of the taste you love but with less fat and calories than traditional bologna meat. 100% chicken meat and 100% flavor – you’ll never notice the fat is missing!

  11. DeLuxe Lunch Meat

    Made like the regular lunch meat but coated in a light and flavorful jelly. The texture combination is perfect.

  12. Chicken Lunch Meat

    A lunchtime staple, enjoy this tender lunchmeat any time of day in your next sandwich or wrap. Delicately flavored, tastes great with any toppings you like. (We recommend it with pickled peppers or fresh. tomato or cucumber!)

  13. Zywiecka Ham Sausage

    Nicely dry, made with big chunks of lean meat is has a very nice peppery taste. Slice it thin to enjoy on a sandwich, slice it thick to eat as a meat chip!