We don’t use any fillers any emulsions. All our hams are hand-made from the finest full-muscle meats. Our butchers carefully curate the parts and then manually spice and wrap them. That’s why, you can see that each one of our hams has a unique shape. Smoked, Roasted, Oven Baked, Cooked. Choose which ham suits you best. Seven options for seven days of the week.

  1. Grampa’s Ham

    Delicious smoked ham that melts in your mouth and will please the palate of any gourmand.

  2. Gypsy Ham

    Made with the leanest part of the ham has an artisanal look and a distinctive smoked flavor for those who
    seek a different taste.

  3. Honey Ham

    The instagrammable Honey-Glazed Ham needs no introduction. The light glaze adds to the golden color
    of the smoked skin making it look and taste amazing. Also, it's a great holiday gift. You'll thank us later.

  4. Homemade Pork Roast

    Our signature Pork Roast is an original recipe developed in our plant that you won't find it anywhere else!
    Do you want to know our secret? Time. To bring out all the juiciness and an unparalleled umami flavor, you need a lot of
    roasting time. Pork Roast tastes fantastic served hot or cold and can be eaten as a main dish or as a sandwich special.

  5. Oven Baked Ham

    Tender and juicy, this ham has truly no competition. Baked in a conventional oven with an original spice mix
    on the top is an absolute must-try!

  6. Cooked Ham

    For kids and adults. For eggs salads and spreads, wrap rolls and appetizers, this cooked ham is a classic.
    As a secret, we'll tell you that we're using a special pressing technique to assure that ham stays juicy.

  7. Village Ham

    Very lean and gently smoked ham made with an old recipe passed by butchers for centuries. Perfect for sandwiches and various culinary experiments.