Long Sausages

Our long sausages bring authentic Polish flavors appreciated by everyone. The reduced amount of fat and salt leaves you worry-free – you can indulge yourself with this delectable snack and not feel heavy! All our sausages perfectly complement the meat platters, match warm fresh bread or bun sandwich, and are an excellent ingredient for many warm dishes, such as quiche, pastas, roasts, or one-pot fusions.

  1. Hunter Sausage

    This exquisite sausage will turn a meat skeptic into a meat lover! Lean and chunky, with subtle juniper hints, is a real delicacy. Great For meat trays, quiche, Salads, one-pot meals... options are endless.

  2. Village Sausage

    Village Sausage, prepared just like Polish uncles used to make for special occasions and holidays. You'll savor this most traditional Sausage with your whole family and visit the culinary side of Eastern side of Europe without leaving the house.

  3. Cherry Wood Smoked Sausage

    This kolbasa is second to none. Smoked with real cherry wood chips creating an original and aromatic taste you'll crave. Some people drive from far away to our Brand Store just for this sausage. We're talking 10 pounds (or more!)

  4. Country Style Kolbasa

    'Mmmmm, this is so good!' is what we always hear whenever someone tries the Country Style Kolbasa for the first time. You too, pamper yourself with this lean and best-selling treat, you won't regret it.