Nitrite-Free Turkey

Our best-selling range wins the hearts of individual clients and retail stores alike. It’s a line created with exceptional care for those who have different food preferences, diet restrictions, or pay great attention to what they eat. The vast array of spices makes a choice more interesting, but you can always opt for our go-to Natural Oven Roasted Turkey Breast. The health revolution starts here with this line: Lower Sodium, No MSG added, No sugar Added, Hormone and Antibiotics-Free, Gluten-Free and, of course, Nitrite-Free.

  1. Oven Roasted Turkey Breast Nitrite-Free

    Our tender slow-roasted Turkey Breast will have you craving lunch from the moment you wake up. We hand carve our meats to ensure only the finest cuts meet the Uniqpol seal of approval. Our nitrite-free deli meats ensure you get the taste you love without any extra additives.

  2. Classic Oven Roasted Turkey Breast Nitrite-Free

    All of the great traditional flavors you would expect, tender and moist, always a great choice.

  3. Montreal Style Turkey Breast Nitrite-Free

    Delicious and bright flavour surrounds this tender and juicy roast. The Montreal rub adds a nice touch to this lean and healthy Turkey Breast.

  4. Buffalo Spice Turkey Breast Nitrite-Free

    A tiny bit spicier than other roasts, is a Turkey Breast rubbed in a light kick.

  5. Mediterranean Style Turkey Breast Nitrite-Free

    Delicious Italian flavoring with sweet paprika, onions, and bell peppers coats this turkey roast.

  6. Tuscany Style Turkey Breast Nitrite-Free

    Seasoned with aromatic spices, full-muscle Turkey Breast. Enjoy all the taste you love without excess salt or nitrites! Imagine you were sitting under the Tuscan sun eating a fresh panini or ciabatta with this freshly sliced Turkey.

  7. Sundried Tomato and Basil Turkey Breast Nitrite-Free

    Sundried and Basil coating makes this Turkey Breast an unparalleled treat. Perfect for kids and adults, especially when shaved.

  8. Smoked Turkey Breast Roll Nitrite-Free

    Twice-smoked, golden-coloured, our turkey roll is proudly sitting on deli shelves in stores all over Southern Ontario and beyond. It tastes heavenly and is Nitrite-Free. Should be enough to take you to Cloud 9.