Pates and Jellies

Our gourmet pates and jellies add a nice touch to a modern-day diet. We developed recipes that will please even the most demanding palates. Have a look at all exciting alternative to ham, cheese or hummus.

  1. Homemade Liver Sausage

    A very mild and delicately flavoured liverwurst, traditionally spiced.

  2. Liver Sausage with Parsley

    A popular choice amongst pate lovers, this liver sausage has a bolder, spicy flavour with tasty bits of parsley fleck throughout.

  3. Chicken with Veggies

    Flavor-bursting cubes of whole chicken meat amongst a mixture of tangy marinated vegetables like carrots and red peppers. This delicious cold cut will stand out on your next deli tray!

  4. Turkey in Jelly

    This looks like your traditional head cheese but it’s made with 100% turkey meat, so you can enjoy this
    delectable delicacy as often as you like.

  5. Chicken in Jelly

    This one too, looks like your traditional head cheese but it’s made with 100% chicken meat, so you can enjoy this delicious
    product as often as you like.

  6. Chicken Pate

    If you want a deliciously smooth and mild tasting pate with a distinct chicken flavour, our Chicken Pate is for you.

  7. Chicken in Block

    This tender cold cut is made of a whole rolled chicken and pressed to give a unique shape.
    Spiced with bay leaves and other aromatics, you’ll savor each bite.

  8. Goose Pate

    The traditional goose pate you know and love made in the European style that we do best.

  9. Bolete Pate

    Another variation of mouth-watering pates made with chicken.

  10. Liver Sausage Chubs

    Packed and clipped in a convenient way, liver sausage chub is great if you need a smaller quantity of the wurst and don't want it to dry out too fast.