Pork Loin

The vast array of our appetizing pork loins and capicolas can delightfully surprise the tastebuds. Not to mention our headcheese made only with the best selected whole pieces of pork meat. Our smoking, cooking and roasting techniques give each product a different dimension of taste, so hop on the palate-pleasing adventure with us and discover the products below.

  1. Headcheese

    Full pieces of pork meat spiced with fresh garlic, and wrapped in natural casing a is a delicacy not only
    for an Eastern European Clientele but for everyone who appreciates novel culinary experiences

  2. Oven Roasted Capicola

    Roasted to perfection, this capicola is a tasty alternative to a regular ham

  3. Smoked Capicola

    The same meat is used as for the Oven Roasted Capicola, but this time we smoke it using apple tree wood chips

  4. Preservatives-Free, Nitrate-Free Capicola

    This product was an idea of one of our butchers, Olek. He first marinated the meat in an alcohol-free beer,
    adds fresh spices and bakes it. Tastes exactly like his homemade version.

  5. Cooked and Oven Roasted Loin

    Lean Loin with peppercorn seeds on top is a favorite of adults, teenagers, and adults alike.

  6. Smoked Only Pork Loin

    Made with an old Polish recipe is a gourmet delicatessen. Usually sliced very thin is to be savored saute,
    on a cracker, or a slice of fresh bread

  7. Cooked and Smoked Pork Loin

    The charm of this meat lies in its smoked flavor. Not too strong, not too light has a growing number of loyal customers.