Pork Loin

Choose from the vast array of our scrumptious pork loins and capicolas.

  1. Headcheese

    Full pieces of pork meat spiced with fresh garlic, and wrapped in natural casing a is a delicacy not only for an Eastern European Clientele but for everyone who appreciates novel culinary experiences

  2. Oven roasted capicola

    Roasted to perfection, this capicola is a tasty alternative to a regular ham

  3. Smoked capicola

    The same meat is used as for the Oven Roasted Capicola, but this time we smoke it using apple tree wood chips

  4. Preservatives-free, Nitrate-Free Capicola

    This product was an idea of one of our butchers, Olek. He first marinated the meat in an alcohol-free beer, adds fresh spices and bakes it. Tastes exactly like his homemade version.

  5. Cooked and Oven Roasted Loin

    Lean Loin with peppercorn seeds on top is a favorite of adults, teenagers, and adults alike.

  6. Smoked Only Pork Loin

    Made with an old Polish recipe is a gourmet delicatessen. Usually sliced very thin is to be savored saute, on a cracker, or a slice of fresh bread

  7. Cooked and Smoked Pork Loin

    The charm of this meat lies in its smoked flavor. Not too strong, not too light has a growing number of loyal customers.