Short Sausages

What is a summer without Uniqpol’s Premium BBQ Pork or Chicken Sausage, a lunch break without a hot pepperette, or Sunday breakfast without chicken wieners or knackwursts? Ladies and gentlemen, may we present to you our delicious collection of short sausages. Dry and juicy, spicy, or mild are perfecting for snacking, grilling, and cooking!

  1. Chicken wieners plastic casing

    Are the same 100% chicken meat as our Knackwurst but packaged in a convenient plastic casing. The casing ensures the wiener looks very appealing once cooked. Just place in boiling water for 1-2 min to heat, remove and peel casing to enjoy.

  2. BBQ Premium pork sausage

    A summertime staple! Great for the barbeque but also delicious boiled.

  3. Chicken sausage BBQ

    Great for snacking on the go, our pepperettes have the traditional taste you love but because they’re made with chicken they’re much leaner!

  4. Chicken kabanos

    The chicken wieners packed with a natural casing.

  5. Chicken wieners natural casing

    100 % chicken meat makes our Knackwurst a lean choice. Boasting a delicate flavor that kids love and are simple to prepare. Just place in boiling water for 1-2 min to heat, remove and peel casing if you prefer.

  6. Chicken knackwurst

    Fantastic snack for those who like pepperoni sticks with a kick! Natural spice blend makes it hot and healthy. Ideal grab and go you can enjoy everywhere: in the car, on the hike, with friends

  7. Hot pork pepperettes